Year 2001, a small production company called Division One, revolutionized paintball by releasing Push, one of the first movies within the industry that was able to define and capture a legendary moment in paintball history. 16 years later Push was back, but this time as an innovate paintball company founded by Bryon Benini. Since the beginning, Push has partnered up with some of the best in the sport to develop and innovate a whole new era of products by players for the players. From icons like Chris Lasoya, Mark Knop, Matt Schuster, and Robert Anderson. In addition to the decades of history on teams such as Ironmen, Aftershock, Avalanche, Russian Legion and Image many where industry icons that helped shape our sport today. 

...Where it all begun... Push movie 2001, by Bryon Benini and Patrick Spohrer


Push Sports D.O.O.
Strmec Stubicke 149
Stubicke Toplice
Croatia 49244

Phone Number +385916560277
The OIB Number - HR52218358978